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UNESCO Urges Africa to Own Climate Change War

UNESCO senior programmes specialist, Peggy Oti-Boateng told a regional workshop on ‘biosphere reserves’ yesterday that Africa should look within for climate change solutions, instead of always looking elsewhere. Oti-Boateng said this approach would foster sustainable development in the midst of trying times.

In addition, she said home-made solutions mean investment of resources in research to uncover the problem, hence comprehensive and customised interventions can be drawn.

“Now more than ever before, we need to mobilise science for development. Our children need to do science and technology.” Oti-Boateng added: “Solutions can only be realised when Africa promotes Science, Mathematics as well as Information and Technology studies among its youth. Presently many of our youth opt for business programmes and others, but what we need the most is science in order to solve these problems”.


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