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Interview: Chairman of the African Risk Capacity Agency Talks About Climate Change

The African Risk Capacity is a specialized agency of the African Union designed to assist member states resist and recover from the havoc of natural disasters through a weather insurance mechanism. In an exclusive interview, CNBC Africa's Wole Famurewa spoke to Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Governing Board Chair of the African Risk Capacity, to get more insight on this agency.

OKONJO-IWEALA: I am Chair of the board of the African Risk Capacity, which is an African Union agency started by Africans to deal with issues of weather and climate change and this has come about because of the experience we've had on the continent. As we see increasing volatile changes in weather patterns, floods and droughts and climate change impact, we've seen a lot of loss of lives and livelihoods, livestock, farmers losing everything and if you remember all those pictures of African children dying with flies whilst we are waiting for people to bring us relief that paints a very unpalatable picture.

Nick Kenrick

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