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Tanzania: Girl Petitions Leaders to Provide Clean Water

Eva Tolage and her classmates at Mlowa School located in Iringa, a region in Tanzania's southern highlands, have big ambitions for their future. But those dreams could become fruitless without access to clean water, electricity and nutritious food.

Last year, students from Eva's school wrote to the Tanzanian government asking for clean water and sanitation at their school. They are yet to receive a response from President Magufuli's government.

Eva also wrote a letter to US President Barack Obama with the same concerns. In her letter to President Obama, Eva wrote, 'I would like to ask what will you and the global leaders do to ensure that every single girl in my village and in Africa has better access to clean water, resources, and education, and to ensure the goals are delivered?' She got a response from Obama as he endorsed her calls for action in a speech made at the UN General Assembly in September 2015.

Jon Gossler

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