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Seychelles: EU Funds Second Climate Change Project for Seychelles

The successful implementation of a project in Seychelles under the Global Climate Change Alliance has resulted in a second round of funding - $3.3 million - from the European Union (EU), a government official said Tuesday.

The Seychelles' principal secretary for climate change and energy, Wills Agricole, told SNA that the implementation of the first project, which ended in 2013, was a success and the EU agreed to fund a second one.

"We were successful in implementing the first project in which we met all indicators and that is why the EU did not hesitate when we appealed for a second one," said Agricole.

The Global Climate Change Alliance was set up by the EU in 2007 to strengthen dialogue and cooperation with developing countries. Seychelles' first project stretched from 2008 to 2013.

Federico Lorenzini

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