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Nigeria: Adapting to Climate Change in Makoko, the Venice of Africa

I nearly cried for the lives of people I came across living in Makoko. I came to the realization that Nigeria has a lot to do when it comes to climate change adaptation.

Makoko (also referred to as the Venice of Africa) is a slum neighborhood located in Lagos, Nigeria. Alongside its two-neighboring communities, Oko-Agbon and Ago-Egun- they lay like three kwashiorkor-suffering triplets, victims of government neglect.

These three communities are connected by a short bridge constructed over a wide canal in which there is stagnant, black and murky water.

In July 2012, Nigerian government officials destroyed dozens of residences after giving residents 72 hours’ notice of eviction. The destruction of this historic community was in order to redevelop what is now seen as prime waterfront.


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