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Embattled UN climate talks send complex draft text to Paris meet

Following a week of tense multilateral talks in Bonn, Germany on a universal emissions-cutting regime, which often saw familiar divisions between so-called “developed” and “developing” parties re-visited, negotiators agreed to forward a 51-page ">text for consideration at an annual climate meet due to start in just under five weeks.

The document includes both a 35-page “agreement” followed by 16 pages of “decisions” designed to give effect to the former. Together, these would in theory cover all manner of details relevant to the functioning and operationalisation of the new climate regime, including its purpose, long-term goal, management of individual party climate efforts, and the general supportive architecture.

A separate document on scaling up climate action before the end of the decade will also be sent for consideration at the next meet.

Photo Credit: Ian Caldwell

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