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Affordable Technology is Crucial for Smallholders to Address Climate Chang

Using a simple but viable 400 dollar irrigation technology derived from an unconventionally modified motorised machine powered by a 12 volt solar panel, Hosea Mwaana, a small-scale farmer of Sibbuyu Village in Pemba district, waters over one hectare of land.

“I was introduced to this by a colleague about two years ago and since then I have been looking for ways to multiply the technology for the sake of other farmers,” says Hosea Mwaana, beaming with pride of this unconventional technology he calls the Zambian ‘Centre Pivot’ system.

According to Mwaana, the technology is more suited to farmers with sloppy landscapes as it is able to pump water to the elevated portions of the field for an even distribution of water to the planted crops.

The importance of the technology being used by Mwaana lies in the fact that in recent times, cheap and easily accessible irrigation technology has been the highlight in the agricultural sector following the increased water stress situations resulting from climate change induced droughts.

Photo Credit: Solar Electric Light Fund

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