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Climate change to wreck havoc in Sub-Saharan Africa

The long term disastrous impacts of climate change will not manifest themselves in the form of sanctions or neo-colonialism, but in severe water scarcities that will eventually trigger conflicts especially in Sub-Saharan Africa.

These civil conflicts will have a negative bearing on the livelihoods of the inhabitants of this region. Erratic and negative changes in rainfall patterns with their telling effects, currently unfolding as we speak, will unsettle the already desperate communities of the Sub-Saharan region, especially.

These effects will contribute to human insecurity as a result of climate change and the regions over reliance on rainfall for subsistence farming. The civil unrest is not going to be interparty strife but water politics. Climate related research define this kind of civil war as, “development in reverse”. It means that, all the gains that the Sub-Saharan region might have realised are going to be in danger of being eroded by this man-made scourge.

Photo Credit: Martin Heigan

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