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Africa urged to empower communities on sustainable land management

NAIROBI (Xinhua) -- African scholars on land management in Africa should empower communities in drylands in promoting sustainable use of the natural resources towards profit making, a UN official said.

UNDP Resident Representative Nardos Bekele-Thomas said that the increasing degradation of ecosystems and the growing impacts of climate change urgently call for a change in the way natural resources are managed. She noted that teamwork is needed in transforming community’s social development.

“Sharing knowledge on sustainable land management with communities with evidence-based projects can empower them to manage the resources ef

fectively towards changing their lives,” she said during the launch of a new book titled “Sustainable Land Management (SLM) in Drylands of Kenya” in Nairobi.

The book, jointly produced by UNDP and Kenya, is a compilation of scholarly research by various experts drawn from government, research institutions, universities and civil society organizations highlighting the importance of conserving the country’s natural resource base.

Photo Credit: CIFOR

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